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Welcome to the Devpost site for the much-anticipated IoTHackDay 2016!


#IoTHackDay is a fun, FREE day that brings together teams, novel ideas, and an entrepreneurial spirit to dream up and build cool new devices to solve every day problems. Teams submit their ideas and build their teams ahead of the event!

After hacking for 12 hours, at 8:00 pm on Oct 22nd we will have an audience vote were the top teams receive hardware and prizes! 


#IoTHackDay will occur on Saturday, Oct 22nd, 2016 at a TBD location. Teams compete from 8am to 8pm to build the most innovative solution that they can.  Since this is an, "Internet of Things," hackathon, and since it's only 12 hours, we have found that teams who form ahead of time and plan out what they are going to build tend to accomplish what they are attempting to do.  Internet of Things projects often involve a physical component, which may involve some sort of novel electronics - in which case forming an idea and team ahead of time will be needed to identify and requisition the appropriate hardware.  

TD;LR: We encourage you to form teams early and often!

We will have a registration cutoff for teams two weeks before the event on Friday, 7th October 2016, but you can still reach out to us and register to join an exisiting team. Contact us at admins[at] if you would like to participate.

Additionally, if you would rather just attend during the evening, see what teams are building and help to vote on the winning team, register for FREE as a public voting attendee at our normal monthly meetup site.

Interested in sponsoring? We would love ot hear from you! Find out all about sponsorship opportunites and how you can help here.

Previous Examples

Here are some previous examples of projects that teams have built at our past IoT hackathons:

Pre-Mother's Day Makeathon Projects


IoTHackDay 2015 Projects


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Do you have an ideas? You are eligiable. Anyone can enter #IoTHackDay.

Not interested in being on a team and competing, but would like to attend and see the outcome and vote on the winner? Register HERE.


The submission requirements are very relaxed.  Set up a team here on with a short snippet on what you are planning to create during the Hack Day within 12 hours, and then submit that team to the hackathon.  You are open and encouraged to build modules and what you need ahead of time to prepare yourself for success.  The competition is all about not only the product you have envisioned and created, but additionally how much you have been able to build that day. The more you can build to what you orginally spec'ed and share with the group the better chance you have to win.


How to enter

Create your team and submit your solution to by creating a new and novel solution which uses the IoT to solve much of the basic problems that we encounter in our lives. Registration is free. All you need at this time is an idea and making sure you have a team to help execute on your vision.

Make sure your project site has some image or photos to help conceptualize what you're building the day of the hackathon.  


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Crowd / Public Visitors

Judging Criteria

  • Novelty
    How new is the concept?
  • Practicality
    How practical is the concept in normal life, art, industry or otherwise? How much does it fit its function?
  • Impressiveness of Completion
    How far did you get during the day? If you started from complete scratch and ended up building something, you did great!